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Sustainable development is an opportunity to continue the progress we are making while ensuring that we develop an inclusive and cohesive society that judiciously utilizes resources in a manner that it remains available for future generations as well.

Globally several frameworks have been developed some of which are generic and some are sector specific, with an inherent goal of promoting sustainable development. Organizations across the globe are embracing sustainable development principles and are supporting the attainment of United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Global ESG Awards  recognizes these pioneers, celebrating those companies at the forefront of fostering sustainable development who understand the responsibility they shoulder as a corporate citizen.  Global ESG Awards is organised by "Global Awards 2030 Limited" a UK based organization with a mission to push the sustainability agenda and low carbon transformation of government and private sector organisations.

The ESG awards are held every year, and winners are recognized in 20 categories aligned with the 17 UNSDGs.

Any business entity from Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East can apply under any of the categories. The 2023 Awards were concluded in October 2023, at Dubai U.A.E.

We follow a robust and transparent assessment of the applications which is conducted in two steps which involves submission of written assessment based on which the applicants are shortlisted, the shortlisted applicants are then invited for presenting their application.


There are 20 ESG awards categories based on different aspects of sustainable development. These ESG award categories have been developed in alignment with the sustainable development goals. To know more about the ESG award categories click here.

The GESGA Sustainability Awards represent an extraordinary platform for companies striving to make a meaningful impact in the realm of sustainability. These awards are designed to recognize and celebrate the remarkable efforts made by businesses worldwide in fostering sustainable practices across various sectors. With multiple categories ranging from environmental conservation to social responsibility and ethical governance, the Sustainability Awards offer a comprehensive framework for acknowledging outstanding achievements. Participating in the GESGA Sustainability Awards not only provides companies with a prestigious opportunity to showcase their dedication to sustainability but also fosters healthy competition that drives continuous improvement. By honoring sustainability initiatives and practices, these awards inspire innovation, set benchmarks, and encourage companies to take bold steps towards a more sustainable future. So, whether your company is leading the charge in renewable energy, eco-friendly product development, or community engagement, the GESGA Sustainability Awards are the perfect stage to shine and gain well-deserved recognition for your commitment to sustainability.

Winning a GESGA Sustainability Award is a testament to a company's unwavering commitment to sustainability. These prestigious awards not only recognize the sustainability efforts of businesses but also provide a platform for sharing best practices and inspiring others to follow suit. A Sustainability Award from GESGA serves as a symbol of excellence, demonstrating to stakeholders, investors, and consumers that a company is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. Receiving such an accolade can open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and increased credibility, solidifying a company's position as a leader in sustainable practices. So, whether you're vying for the Environmental Sustainability Award, the Social Responsibility Sustainability Award, or any other category, the GESGA Sustainability Awards offer a golden opportunity to showcase your outstanding contributions to a more sustainable world.

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